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01. Root Hog Or Die
02. I Found A New Baby
03. Old Joe's Hitting The Jug
04. Everybody Loves My Baby

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The Moonlight Gang - & Friends - BLR-CV 1001
Custom Vinyl 10"

One night, the gang and two old mics to keep that good old jazz alive !

First album for this Swiss based gang. They revive jazz at a time when it was popular and dancing. They have the swing, they have the groove! Feel the whole atmosphere of pre-war music !

Release limited to 100 copies, each individually cut !


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01. Hitting On Nothing
02. Axe To Grind
03. I'm A Little Mixed Up
04. Hold On Baby
05. Kiss Me
06. Good Morning Little School Boy
07. Cry To Me
08. Lonely
09. Start At The Bottom
10. Hey There Little Boy
11. Birthday
12. Shakin' All Over
13. Hot Damn
14. Party Girl
15. Nikki Kay
Barbara Clifford - Introducing - BLR-CD 26
Compact Disc - Digipack

Born and bred in Chicago, Barbara Clifford is mostly known for being one of the two singers in the band the Honeybees, a major exponent of Chicago Roots-Americana music.
Her passion led her to more musical adventures, most notably as in a backup vocalist for the Del Moroccoes or backup vocals for Nick Curran´s song «Reform School Girl».

Now her time as a solo artist has come and her first album is being released on Blue Lake Records. In digipack format, it features 15 songs. Among them are 10 originals from the pen of Barbara and Ken Mottet, the Chicago´s "Mayor of Rockabilly".

The songs are a blend of 50´s/60´s Rock´n´Roll, Rhythm & Blues with a touch of Soul. Many stand out for their melodic approach, something rare nowadays.

Price: CHF 17.50
01. Young And Wild
02. Am I Right ?
03. You've Got What It Takes
04. Bad Bad Boy
05. Gotta Get Another Girl
06. Go Go V-8 Ford
07. Don't Need Your Lovin' Baby
08. Round The World
09. The Cats Were Jumpin'
10. Ain't That A Dilly
John Guster - Bits And Pieces - BLR-CD 25
Compact Disc - Digipack

Remember the Thunder Jets ? Scroll down this page for the EP which is at the start of the JCR Recording Service and led to Blue Lake Records !
A few years after the band broke up, Juan, the singer/guitar player, was back on stage under the name of John Guster with a crew of different great musicians.

Many of them play on these recordings, providing the great raw rockabilly sounds of this album and are known from bands like Mars Attacks, King Louie Combo, The Noisy Boys, The Grizzly Family, etc....there's even a duo with us singer Barbara Clifford !
Great combinations to the biting guitar of John Guster, who also presents three of his original compositions.

Price: CHF 15.50
01. Boneless Chicken
02. Don't Bug Me Baby
03. Toodaloo
04. Move Around
05. Rockin' Boppin'
06. Up Jumped The Devil
07. Raw-Deal
08. Break Up
09. Don't Touch My Hair
10. Doin't Push Me Too Far
11. I'm Coming Home
12. Rip It Up, Rip It Up
Los Hound Dogs - Ready to Bark ! - BLR-CD 24
Compact Disc - Digipack

This is the first album of Los Hound Dogs, a band from La Coruña in the north of Spain. However they are far from newcomers. The current line up is together since 2004 and counts among its credentials to have share the stage with legends like Wanda Jackson.

Their music can be discribed as wild 'n' greasy delinquent Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly. They mix up blasting originals, half of the tracks (Boneless Chicken, Toodaloo, etc...), with rockin' 50s covers and even succeed in paying tribute to Ronnie Dawson with Up Jumped The Devil.

Truly one of the greatest of todays spanish rockabilly bands !

Price: CHF 17.50
01. Blue Skies
02. Walking My Baby Back Home
03. Does He Love Me
04. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man Of Mine
05. Red Roses For A Blue Lady
06. Sweet Georgia Brown
07. Makin' Whoopie
08. Jim
09. I Wanna Be Loved By You
10. These Foolish Things
11. Goody Goody
12. Pennies From Heaven
13. A Slow Boat China
14. Why Don't You Do Right
15. Side By Side
Jill's Cocktail Band - Blue Skies - BLR-CD 23
Compact Disc - Digipack + 8 pages colour booklet

At last Blue Lake Records is proud to announce the release of a full-length CD from Jill's Cocktail Band!
As expected from Jill, the songs mostly date back to the 20s and 30s and have been recorded to sound authentic of the times - with no frills or special effects.
In additon to some popular numbers, which you may well recognise, this compilation also contains several rare, really catchy tunes - all presented in Jill's original style, featuring fantastic instrumentals from some top English jazz musicians.
If you love swing and jazz, (and a couple of beautiful romantic ballads), you'll love this albumn - a tribute to the wonderful song writers of yesteryear.

Price: CHF 19.50
01. Squeeze Don't Teese
02. 10 Minutes More
03. Smoking Chesterfields & Drinking Southern Comfort
04. Whole Lotta Shaking Going On
05. What A Dolly
06. Reelin' & Rockin'
07. Go Boy Go
08. Let's Rock Tonight
09. Big Train
10. Black Magic
11. Bop It
12. No Money Down
13. Pretty Black Hair Baby
14. Tired Of Rockin'
King Louie Combo - Big Train - BLR-CD 22
Compact Disc - Digipack

We have been waiting a very long time for the King Louie Combo to release their second album. Actually the first one is the best selling Blue Lake Records album ! We believe the second one will follow the same path, considering the quality level of the music it includes !

This time the band invited some guest musicians and you will hear saxophon, piano, steel guitar and harmonica as well as the now classic trio sound. Six songs are originals from the band. Great rockabilly stuff like "Squeeze Don't Tease", reminiscent from there hit Honey Bee, more black oriented things like Jimmy Mc Cracklin' s "Reelin' & Rockin'" or the truly amazing cover of "Whole Lotta Shaking Going On".
All the material is glued together by an unbeatable swing, check "Smoking Chesterfields....", with it's warm and clear sound...these guys don't need to hide anything...
Did I tell you the liner notes are from Jimmy Sutton ?...there must be a reason....

Price: CHF 18.50
01. Jump From 9 To 5
02. Long Lost John
03. Drive
04. Jukebox Queen
05. They Gonna Blame Me
06. Red Hot Rocking Blues
07. Pop The Clutch
08. I Got Stripes
09. Moons Rock
10. Baby Left Me Blue
11. My Love Is Gone
12. 20 Miles From Dover
13. I Got You
14. Big Black Cadillac
15. Wild Saxophone

The Rockets - Space Mission - BLR-CD 21
Compact Disc - Digipack + 8 pages colour booklet

The Rockets are back with a brand new singer who no only brought with him a great voice but also his skills as a composer. Add a couple of songs written by the other members of the band and this brings us to 10 original songs in this album.
The high quality of the compositions is reflected in the variety of styles present in this album, classic rockabilly with "I Got You", Johnny Cash style with "They Gonna Blame Me", foot tapping stroller with "Jump From 9 To 5", melodic style with "20 Miles From Dover", sax rocker with "Drive" and more...

Don't forget the high quality of these musicians and their commitment to make this great music alive and you're all set for your space mission !

Price: CHF 19.50
01. Too Hot
02. Miss A-Bomb
03. Hands Off
04. No Reason To Go Home
05. Who Knows
06. I Can't Stand It No More
07. I Really Really Love You
08. Wisckey & Gin
09. Rooster's Love Call
10. Mole In The Hole
11. Young & Wild
12. Stop Foolin' Around
13. My Search

Ella & The Roosters - BLR-CD 20
Compact Disc - Digipack

Many were thinking that it was not real...some said it was just a urban legend....but no it's finally here ! The debut album of Ella & The Roosters will hit you like an A-Bomb....! Ella's powerfull voice is backed by the Roosters, a trio of the best musicians from the Barcelona area, for a fantastic rock'n'roll / Rhythm'n'Blues sound.

8 from the 13 songs are written by the guitar player and define the rough style of this CD, based around a guitar sound reminiscing of Mickey Baker.
There is no doubt that this is different from any other female rhythm & blues album of the modern times and is soon going to be a classic.

Price: CHF 18.50
The Grizzly Family BLR-CD 19 Titles
01. Annie Don't Work
02. Grizzly Daddy
03. Bad Bad Boy
04. Latest Flame
05. Vacation' Over
06. Hip Shakin' Baby
07. Motorcycle Fool
08. Everybody's Trying
09. Ittie Bittie Everything
10. Spice & Honey
11. I Need Your Lovin'

The Grizzly Family - The JCR Sessions - BLR-CD 19
Compact Disc - Cardboard sleeve + custom vinyl look CD.

Playing for more than 15 years and with a few albums out, the Grizzly Family is a well established french rockabilly band with an explosiv live act ! No wonder that these bears happened to cross the path of the JCR Recording Service. Although there wasn't enough material for a full album, the exceptional results led these recordings to be perfect for a custom release!

Price: CHF 12.50
The Wuanabees BLR-CD 18 Titles
01. Strollie Bun
02. The Guy Can't Dance
03. Rockin' Lady
04. Atooka, Okla
05. Hillbilly Blues
06. Love Me
07. Lush
08. Can't Stop Me
09. That's Why I Cry
10. Just Rockin' & Rollin'

The Wuanabees - Where Did They Get That Strut - BLR-CD 18
Compact Disc - Cardboard sleeve + custom vinyl look CD.

The presence in Europe of the two female singers of the Chicago band The Honey Bees was a too good occasion to be missed ! Soon an unrehearsed studio band was organised, with the hopes of recording something that could be used for a sampler.
The results exceeded the hopes ! Not only two tracks were released on the sampler "Lake Rattle & Roll vol. 1", but the rest was too good to be forgotten and here it is !

Price: CHF 12.50
Mars Attacks BLR-CD 17 Titles
01. Follow Me
02. In Vain
03. Awful Bad At Being Good
04. The Proof
05. Go Cat Go
06. Next Time
07. Praying For Rain
08. Got The Water Boiling
09. Not Only In Dreams
10. You Only Like The Fast Songs
11. Full Moon Rock
12. Give Me An Answer
13. Nice Mr. Heavyweight
14. Jazz Attacks

Mars Attacks - Follow Me ! - BLR-CD 17
Compact Disc - Digipack + 8 pages colour booklet + video clip.

Here we go with the fourth Mars Attacks album which also commemorates the 10 years of existence of the band. Paying loud and fast with a couple of great strollers, the band departs from their previous cleaner "Circle Of Love" album and goes for a full and fat sound.

All the songs are original except for the fantastic cover of "Got The Water Boiling Baby" done in Billy Riley version style. The packaging is simply superlative with the inclusion of a double sided colour poster.
Also present in the CD is a music video in DVD quality shot for the the song "Nice Mr Heany Weight".

Price: CHF 19.50
Hamp Goes Wild BLR-CD 16 Titles
01. Roomin’ House Boogie
02. Rockin’ The Blues
03. You Can’t Judge A Book
04. A Rockin’ Good Way
05. Boogie All Night
06. My Baby’s Boogying
08. The Train Kept A Rollin’
09. Rock This House
10. My Baby’s Got A Cadillac
11. Early In The Morning
12. Please Don’t Hurt Me
13. We’re Going Out Tonight
14. Real Gone Lover

Hamp Goes Wild - Roomin' House Boogie - BLR-CD 16
Compact Disc - Digipack + 8 pages colour booklet + video clip.

Since the mid 80’s Hamp has established himself as a well-known figure on the Swiss Rock ‘n’ Roll scene, rendering high-energy versions of the classic favourites of the 50’s.

In this CD Hamp extends his repertoire into the world of early Boogie Woogie and Jump Blues, adding some of his own original compositions, to give you a perfect mix of wild and hot, finger-snapping rhythms...

Price: CHF 19.50
The Tennesse Four BLR-CD 15 Titles
01. Wanted Man
02. No Expectation
03. Cry Cry Cry
04. Slowly But Surely
05. El Paso
06. I Got Stripes
07. Endless Ride

The Tennessee Four - Wanted Man - BLR-CD 15
Compact Disc - Cardboard sleeve + custom vinyl look CD.

The band’s name alludes on one hand to Johnny Cash’s legendary band « The Tennessee Two » and, on the other, to the State of Tennesse, where country and western blended with blues to change the face of popular music forever

When four talented and experienced musicians follow these trails, nothing but great music can result. It’s splendidly captured here, in its straightforward and pure form.

Price: CHF 8.50
Phil Trigell BLR-CD 14 Titles
01. The Truth Became A Lie
02. Baby Jean
03. Take It Easy Baby
04. Doing Allright
05. Four Walls A Roof And A Floor
06. Sweet Woman
07. I Saw His Reflection In Your Eyes
08. You're My Baby
09. You Make Me Loose My Mind
10. Night Time
11. Where The River Rio De Rosa Flows
12. One Kiss
13. Dixie Fried
14. All Night Long
15. extra audio + movie clip

Phil Trigwell - The Truth Became A Lie, BLR-CD 14
Compact Disc - Digipack + 8 pages colour booklet + video clip.

Following the more 50's pop oriented album "Del Rio Dan", and the country sounds of the CD release "Boogie Woogie Cowboy", Phil Trigwell is now back in true rockin' style ! Half of the tracks are great covers of 50's rockabilly numbers, while the other half are new compositions perfectly reflecting Phil's own distinctive style.

Very few people can claim to be able to write great original songs, but although Phil himself doesn't claim anything, we can vouch that he is a true master at original own compositions. What's more, his deep vocals prove that he is top ranking as one of the best singers in the scene.
Not forgetting that Phil's still out and about having great fun singing and playing (just listen to the last track) !

Price: CHF 19.50
Kick'em Jenny BLR-CD 13 Titles
01. Stressed Up
02. Take Me Down
03. Don't Bug Me Baby
04. Maybe You Don't Care
05. The Slide
06. Rockin' Machine
07. I've Got Love If You Want It
08. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
09. Untamed
10. Raw Deal
11. I've Done My Time
12. I Ain't Gonna Be Around
13. I Can't Do Without You
14. Pink Elephants

Kick'em Jenny - Untamed !, BLR-CD 13
Compact Disc - Digipack + 8 pages colour booklet + video clip.

After her hit "Stressed Up" from the sampler "Lake Rattle & Roll, vol. 1" many have asked for a full studio album of Kick'em Jenny. So here it is at last!
Three years after the "Stressed Up" session, we managed to get the explosive blonde back a second time in the studio together with quality musicians to complete this CD, which include 5 of Jenny's own compositions.

Kick'em Jenny is no doubt the wildest female singer out there and none of that craziness is missing from these recordings, although they include two more softer songs. Take a look at the picture on the cover and check out the video clip ….and you'll know what we mean!

Price: CHF 19.50
Jill's Cocktail Band BLR-CD 12 Titles
01. Baby Won't You Please Come Home
02. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
03. The Best Things In Life Are Free
04. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree
05. Just A Gigolo
06. You Are My Lucky Star
07. Button Up Your Over Coat
08. Bye Bye Blackbird

Jill's Cocktail Band, BLR-CD 12
Compact Disc - Cardboard sleeve + custom vinyl look CD.

Let's take a trip down memory lane and listen to the music of the 20's and 30's ! That's what you get with this mini album, presenting popular songs of that era in an authentic style true to the times.

Featuring accordion, which was a predominant instrument of the era, alongside double bass and drums, and also featuring guitar on the last track. This soft but lively music is perfect for your lounge / cocktail parties ! Includes a multimedia slide show
Includes a multimedia slide show.

Price: CHF 10.50
Johnny Cash & Junne Carter Tribute Show BLR-CD 11 Titles
01. Long Legged Guitar Pickin' Man
02. It' Ain't Me, Babe
03. Gotta Get
04. Blaming You
05. Wilwood Flower
06. I'm Sorry

Download or buy at:
Rewinders website
The Johnny Cash & Junne Carter Tribute Show - BLR-CD 11
Compact Disc - Cardboard sleeve + custom vinyl look CD.

Bringing together music from both sides of the Atlantic, Mars Attacks (Swiss/Austria) and Barbara Clifford of the Honeybees (Chicago, USA) come together to bring you a tribute show that is long overdue.

Paying tribute to the late great Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter, these two voices represent both with strength and good times. This show covers their most popular songs as well as new originals written to emulate the authentic Cash/Carter sound.

Price: CHF 8.50
Rewinders BLR-CD 10 Titles
01. Rocky Road Blues
02. If I Had Me a Woman
03. Day After
04. Pretty Good Love
05. Tired Of Begging
06. I'm The Man
07. I'm So Lonesome Baby
08. Born To Love One Woman
09. Bad Mouthin'
10. Uprising

Rewinders - ...meanwhile Back In The Swamp - BLR-CD 10
10" vinyl album + free CD.

Well it seems that they've just returned from the swamp and haven't seen the town for a long time. And so it is with their music - raw, rare, solid rockabilly with a strong rhythm & blues flavour - biting like a crocodile...Look at the cover - these guys are something else !

Top notch musicians from Germany and Switzerland are reunited in this new band to provide you with mean rock'n'roll in their very first CD. Their own composition, "Day After", is bound to become a classic stroller with it's hypnotic rhythm, tremblin' guitar and imaginative lyrics...or maybe a true story....? And all the other tracks are of the same top quality!

For this unusual band we decided to do something unusual, we released the 10 tracks on a "10" vinyl and included a free CD so everybody is satisfied! Yes, you get both for the same price ! What more could we have done ?!

Price: CHF 19.50
Jerry & The Rockets BLR-CD 09 Titles
01. She's Gone
02. Ballroom Baby
03. Cadillac Blues
04. Boogie Woogie Fever
05. Shadow My Baby
06. Girl Trouble
07. I'm On Fire
08. Ice Water
09. I Just Wanna Boogie
10. Four Alarm Boogie
11. Hot Rod Baby
12.Strollin' Through The Night
13. Wild Side Of Life
14. Bad Girl
15. Twilight

Jerry & The Rockets - Takin' Off - BLR-CD 09
Compact Disc - Digipack + 8 pages colour booklet + video clip.

Well, you've seen these Swiss boys before - most of the members of Jerry and the Rockets have played with well known bands. You may also recognize them from the way your hands start clapping and your feet start stomping.

All these wildly talented boys present here their first CD, showing off their skills on tracks ranging from genuine hillbilly to piano rockers to wild rockabilly to slow country ! What's more half of the tracks are self written numbers !

Blast off with Jerry and the Rockets, I guarantee you'll enjoy the ride !
Again a Compact Disc - Digipack + the usual video !

Price: CHF 18.50
Hot Rhythm & Booze BLR-CD 08 Titles
01. She’s A Bad Motorcycle
02. Thinkin' Bout You
03. Suzanne
04. Phantom Of Bengale
05. If I Had Me A Woman
06. Bull Moose
07. Johnny Be Goode In Hollywood
08. Ready Steady Go
09. Sweet Honey
10. We Got To Go With It
11. Ready At 8
12. Lemon Lime
13. Fancy Annie
14. I Hear Thunder
15. Heartbreak Hotel
16. Baby Be Good

Hot Rhythm And Booze - We Gotta Get With It - BLR-CD 08
Compact Disc - Digipack + 8 pages colour booklet + video clip.

Althought they have been active for more then 10 years, this french band had only a "10 inch" out up to now.
Justice has been done and here is their first full length CD.

Influenced by the sounds of the late 50's and early 60's, this band has a particular place in the vintage scene.These recordings prove it with some rough rock'n'roll in the style of that era, that some call "white-rock". The CD is highlighted by 5 original compositions that fit perfectly among the covers of lesser known songs that fill this album.
If you like powerful rock'n'roll with high energy and screaming guitars, you can't go wrong with this one !
As a standard by now at Blue Lake Records, the Cd is packaged in a high quality Compact Disc - Digipack, featuring an 8 page color booklet + the usual video clip !
Let's rock !

Price: CHF 19.50
mars attacks BLR-CD 07 Titles
01. Circle Of Love
02. I'm Gonna Get Ya
03. Rome Wasn't Build In A Day
04. In My Dreams
05. I Care
06. Lush
07. Leavin' It All Behind
08. If I Could Be True
09. Misunderstood
10. Nothing To Write Home About
11. Rebound
12. She's Gone
13. King Of Fools
14. I Just Feel So Sad

Mars Attacks - Circle Of Love - BLR-CD 07
Compact Disc - Digipack + 8 pages colour booklet + video clip.

Just out for their appearance at the 10th Rockabilly Rave where they did again a fantastic gig, here's the third Mars Attacks Album !
Always in progression, the band avoids the trap of coming up with a copy of their previous records. They have now reached a class and maturity that let them incorporate their own songs as well as the few covers in the same topic: "The Circle Of Love".
This is called a concept album, really uncommon for this kind of music ! Althought texts follow themselves in the "logic of the circle", we have here a great diversity of songs, fast rockabilly, bopper with trumpet, ballads...skilfully played in their own style with a full and powerful sound... Quality is present at every level, the cover is in a Compact Disc - Digipack format with a booklet and makes you think it's a jazz album from the late 50's, really a splendid item... ! ...and if you think that this must have been done by great serious mature musicians, just check the included video...!
Limited 180gr vinyl edition SOLD OUT !

Price: CHF 19.50
Lake Rattle & Roll Vol. 1 BLR-CD 06 Titles
01. The Noisy Boys
02. King Louie Combo
03. Earl & The Overtones
04. Mars Attacks
05. Phil Trigwell
06. Nero Schwarz & The Black Noir
07. Rhythm 55
08. Rockin' Piano Jerry
09. Waun-a-bees
10. Kick'em Jenny
11. Johnny Loda
12. Dixie Bop
13. Little Boy Arnold
14. Cal Degal
15. Hot Rhythm & Booze
16. Matthieu Boré
17. John Guster
18. Ray Gibson & Flattops Cats
19. Jerry & The Rockets
20. Fred & Franky
21. The Reptiles
22. The Starliter
23. Waun-a-bees
24. Thunder Jets
25. Kick'em Jenny

Lake Rattle & Roll Vol. 1 - The Lake Rocks ! - BLR-CD 06
Compact Disc - Digipack + 8 pages colour booklet + video clip.

Finally here it is ! The first Blue Lake Records sampler presents 25 tracks, among them 19 have never been issued before and 6 had only been issued on vinyl or custom CDRs.
Most of the bands that happen to record at the "JCR recording service" are represented in a broad range of vintage rock'n'roll styles. For the first time promising bands like Kick'em Jenny, Nero Schwarz & The Black Noir, Jerry & The Rockets or Ray Gibson & The Flattop Cats appear in an official release, alongside internationnaly confirmed bands and lesser known bands.
This record, wanting to be a tribute to all the Lake rockin' scene , also features an 8 page booklet with color pictures as well as a video slide show with more of 260 pictures taken at events around the Lake.
It was launched on February 25th, 2006 at the Taco's Bar in Lausanne at a fantastic no stop live concert, featuring 6 bands and 5 guests who played for free to support it.
So let's support yourself the scene and get one too !

Price: CHF 19.50
Little Boy Arnold BLR-CD 05 Titles
01. I Gotta Go
02. Boxcar Boogie
03. Pretty Baby Blues
04. Bye Bye Blues
05. Beale Street Boogie
06. Broken Heart
07. Travelin' To Nowhere
08. Me & The Blues
09. Rock Bop Tonight
10. Ridin' This Old Train
11. The Wild Guitar
12. Long Gone Baby
13. I'm Diggin' A Hole
14. End Of The Road
15. Takin' It Easy

Little Boy Arnold - Pretty Baby Blues - BLR-CD 05
Jewel case + 4 pages colour booklet + video clip.

Little Boy Arnold is a well known figure of the spanish rockabilly scene. He played and recorded for the last ten years in different line ups. But this is his first full lenght album, with 10 self penned songs.

Playing mostly as a trio without drums, a drummer have been added on some songs for more power on the rockin' numbers like "Rock Bop Tonight" or to add some indian feel to "Travellin' To Nowhere". As a total opposite, tracks like "Boxcar Boogie" are recorded fully accustically with no drums in a country boogie vain. On the black side, the dirty guitar work of "Beale Street Boogie" seems to jump out of the Memphis early 50's. A special mention to the guitar player who ventures in jazz instrumentals (Bye Bye Blues) and even throws some spanish touch in his style (Broken Heart).
So it's hard to describe the sound of this band apart from saying it's new ! Check for yourself !

Earl & The Overtones BLR-CD 04 Titles
01. Dreamin' Love Affair
02. I'm Glad My Baby's Gone
03. She's Mine
04. Best Dressed Beggar In Town
05. I'm Gonna Move
06. Nancy
07. Dry Run
08. Kathleen
09. Leave My Woman Alone
10. Run Baby Run
11. Big Bad Wolf
12. Don't Be Square
13. She's A Sweetie
14. Blue Swinging Mama

Earl & The Overtones - Dreamin' Love Affair - BLR-CD 04
Jewel case + 4 pages colour booklet + video clip.

Coming from the well known band the Wild Goners, the musicians of Earl & The Overtones have managed to lay down their own personality. Their first record shows it more than perfectly.

Their sound moves fortunately between wild, overdriven rockabilly (Leave My Woman Alone, She's a Sweetie, ...) et more subtle interpretations (Don't Be Square). These songs being own compositions as the album title (Dreamin' Love Affair). You will find the same plot in the well choosen covers with, among others, fantastic boppers (Nancy, Big Bad Wolf,...). Earl's vocals are hot and superb, just listen to the fantastic covers of "Best Dressed Beggar In Town" or "Kathleen" to be convinced. The musicians are also top class. Listen to the Train rhythm on "Run, Baby, Run" or the mad guitar solo on "I'm Gonna Move".
Success is guaranteed for this new band that you sure will find soon on the big european festivals.

King Louie Combo BLR-CD 03 Titles
01. Let's Go
02. Cattin' Around
03. Dig Boy Dig
04. T-Model Boogie
05. Sneaky Pete
06. Love You Only
07. Honey Bee
08. One Woman Man
09. Two Of A Kind
10. Hot Rod Rumble
11. Modern Don Juan
12. Rock, Hop, Bop
13. Stack-A-Records
14. Hard Top Race
15. Crawdad Hole

King Louie Combo - Hot Rod Rumble, BLR-CD 03
Jewel case + 4 pages colour booklet + video clip.

We have been waiting for a long time for this one, it's here !
Consisting of experienced musicians, likely from the best you can find in this style in Switzerland, you would have expected an excellent debut album from the King Louie Combo. It's much more, these recordings are just fantastic ! It sure is a new reference...

In a well mixed choice of covers and own compositions, we find original and powerfull rockabilly ("Let's Go", "Honey Bee", etc...), a demented instrumental ("Hot Rod Rumble"), more jazzy sides where all the musical subtlety of the band comes alive ("Cattin' Around", "Two Of A Kind", etc...), with a visit to Johnny Horton ("One Woman Man") and on the other side to Rosco Gordon ("T-Model Boogie").
All wrapped in a hot quality sound that will please anyone !

Price: CHF 17.50
Johnny Loda BLR-CD 02 Titles
01. Go Boy Go
02. Sleepin'
03. I Don't Need
04. Little Ramona
05. Back In The Cruel World
06. Goofin' Around
07. Misery
08. Where The Rio De Rosa Flows
09. Sweet 50's Gal
10. Cherokee Boogie
11. Red Headed Woman
12. When My Baby Left Me
13. Catfish Boogie
14. Daredevil Love
15. Just Because

Johnny Loda - That's Me !!, BLR-CD 02
Jewel case + 8 pages colour booklet + video clip.

Playing in Italy for more than 20 years in different bands where he proved to be one of the best guitar players in the land, Johnny Loda brings out at last his first album as a solo artist.

Far away from all the sterile discussion about the matter, his song list dips as well out of old traditionnal country like the cover of Carl Smith "Go, Boy, Bo", as out of newer rockabilly bands like the Velvetones "Back In The Cruel World". Of course he stops by great rockabilly classics like Jimmy Lloyd's "Where The Rio De Rosa Flows". He also has an open mind for his own compositions, where he can switch from a sweet country ballad as in "Sweet 50's Girl", to winking at the rockabilly authentic trend with the wild "I Don't Need".
Johnny Loda...That's him...! A great musician with an italian flavour and a great CD with a vintage sound ! Also features a 12 minutes video.

Noisy Boys BLR-CD 01 Titles
01. Baby's Mad
02. Dance The Stroll
03. Lizzy Lou
04. Honey, You Talk Too Much
05. Hep Cat
06. Dateless Night
07. I've Got Leavin' On My Mind
08. What's Damn' Wrong ?
09. Dear John
10. Let's Dance
11. Johnny Valentine
12. Born Tired
13. Something Baby
14. Do The Bop, Bop, Bop

Noisy Boys - What's Damn' Wrong ?, BLR-CD 01
Jewel case + 4 pages colour booklet + video clip.

After having been the revelation of the Rockabilly Rave 2003, the "Rough Rockbilly Combo" is back with a new album ! In the steps of their first CD, the Noisy Boys give us this time a little more with 4 original songs. No doubt that the fast stroller "Dance The Stroll" or the title track "What's Damn' Wrong ?" will be hits. The boys also boaden their repertoire with lesser rough songs like "I've Got Living On My Mind" or by inviting a pianist like on "Johnny Valentine". But "Hep Cat" or "Dateless Night", close to a volcanic eruption, will demonstrate that they stayed true to themselves ! And what to say about "Do The Bop, Bop, Bop", a song that seems to have been written specially for the band. Also don't miss the 15 minutes video file that's on the CD !

Price: CHF 17.50
Buffalo Chips BLR-EP 01 Titles
1. Cucumber Beat
2. Tornado
3. Sag, Drag & Fall
4. My Steady Baby

Buffalo Chips - Cucumber Beat - BLR EP-01
Vinyl EP + thick vintage Compact Disc - Cardboard sleeve

The first EP of the Buffalo Chips is also the first of Blue Lake Records and it’s a true collector piece! The disc has been pressed on thick vinyl, the cover films have been hand coloured,the cover has been printed on thick Compact Disc - Cardboard using a 1954 Heidelberg printer, and the only 500 copies made have been machine numbered. We have here 4 great tracks, the jazzy "My Steady Baby", the classic rockabilly "Sag, Drag & Fall", the rockin' "Tornado" and the self penned "Cucumber Beat" which is bound to become a classic in it's own right !
Prix: CHF 10.00
JCR Records Comments
Reptiles JCR CD-06 Reptiles

01. Sworn To Fun, Loyal to None - 02. Stay With Us - 03. Rebels Are Here To Stay - 04. Silver Surfer - 05. Die Wild Ones - 06. Jump To The Cellar Rock !- 07. Riot - 08. Rock'n'Roll Ist Out - 09. Switzerland Rock - 10. Screaming Psychedelic Werewolf - 11. Rockabilly Kelly - 12. Sahra Can't Be Without You - 13. Kick Down - 14. Lass Dich Gehn - 15. Reptile Bop
Jewel case + 4 pages colour booklet + video clip.
All the way from the heart of Switzerland, the Reptiles play only original songs on their first album. Their music goes in a neo-rockabilly direction and runs like an express train at full speed. This CD, recorded with a vintage sound, will please any fan of the genre. The songs lyrics are excellent ! For example, you'll find great stories from the life of Teddy Boys or other rockers. Many will recognize themselves in songs like "Sworn To Fun" or "Rockabilly Kelly". If you like comics don't miss the story of the "Silver Surfer" or be afraid with the fearful "Screaming Psychedelic Werewolf. Also, for their german speaking friends, the Reptiles haven't hesitate to sing 4 songs in german !
Price: CHF 17.50
Rhythm 55 JCR CD-05 Rhythm 55

01. Dancin' In The Moonlight - 02. Fool Fool Fool - 03. Fairyland - 04. Mess Around - 05. Milkcow Blues - 06. Letter Of Tears - 07. Nobody's Gone - 08. Sweet Sour Melody - 09. Don't Let Me Stand - 10. I'm Left - 11. 21 Days - 12. Hearts Of Stone - 13. Pledging My Love - 14. Mistery Night - 15. When You Ain't Around - 16. Slipping Out - 17. Hold My Hand

Jewel case + 4 pages colour booklet + video clip.
Again a first album ! Rhythm 55 offer here no less than 17 tracks. Apart from their qualities, these musicians show an originality that's scarce in the 50's music today! They perfectly mix different styles from country to rhythm and Blues. With 5 compositions, the band proves his skills to write his own songs, like "Don't Let Me Stand", a fast bopper, or "Sweet Sour Melody", a hot sound rockin' ballad. Great covers like, "Mess Around" from Ray Charles, turned into a stroller, "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone", transformed into a saturated blues, the country ballad "Hearts Of Stone" seems just out of a Sun session, or "Milkcow Blues", a perfect vintage rockabilly. There is something to please everyone !

Price: CHF 17.50
Noisy Boys JCR CD-04 Noisy Boys

01. If You Love My Woman - 02. Mad Man - 03. Eager Boy - 04. Gee Whizz - 05. Coffee Baby - 06. Rock'n'Roll Guitar - 07. Three Hearts Later - 08. Keep On Lovin' You - 09. Snaggle-Tooth Ann - 10. Rock With Me Baby - 11. Rock Bop - 12. Local Boy

Jewel case + 4 pages colour booklet + video clip.
The first recordings of this band are really a blast in the face. This is rough and powerful rockabilly with a hot sound. This first try is undoubtedly a masterpiece from the rough boys, who got together just about a year ago. Althought the band perfectly fits in the "authentic" trend, the music on this CD will attract a much more broader audience.Any lover of wild rockabilly will find satisfaction here.The opening track "If you love my woman" is just the example of that ! Also listen how they turned "Eager Boy" into a perfect groovy stroller, or the monstruous sound of "Coffee Baby". No doubt, you'll be convinced...!

Mars Attacks JCR EP-05 Mars Attacks

1. Snatch It & Grab It
2. She's The Girl
3. Why, Jimmy Bill ?
4. You Talk To Much

Vinyl EP

A new fantastic EP from Mars Attacks. This time with 3 original songs. The covered song, "Snatch It & Grab It", is simply the best cover we heard of the tune (yes...we heard Deke Dickerson's version...). The boys confirm all the good that we though of them !

Jerry Calonder JCR EP-04 Jerry Calonder

1. End Of The Road
2. Back Seat Boogie
3. Jerry's Stompin' Boogie
4. Down The Road Apiece
Vinyl EP

Great piano boogie from Jerry Calonder, a skilled piano player with a powerfull voice. The two original songs show that he's also a talented composer. No surprise to know that he is on the rockin' scene for more than 20 years know. This EP shows that piano can make it as well as guitar in the "authentic" trend !
Prix: CHF 6.00
Mars Attacks JCR EP-03 Mars Attacks

1. Rockin' Bones
2. I Guess It's Meant That Way
3. You're Gonna Change Or I'm Gonna Leave
4. Pepper Hot Baby

Vinyl EP

The 4 tracks on this EP complete the first 10" album of Mars Attacks. Great rockabilly in a classic vintage style and sound ! These first recordings of the "martians" have been highly acclaimed by international specialized magazines.
This young band also provides a fantastic live act. So there's no hesitation to count them among the leaders of the rockabilly pack.
Don't miss their debut recordings ! (Also available on CD)

Phil Trigwell JCR EP-02 Phil Trigwell

1. Night Time
2. You're My Baby
3. One Kiss
4. Big River
Vinyl EP

Veteran singer Phil Trigwell demonstrates again that he is a master when it comes to rockabilly. Not only is he a talented composer (his melodies and lyrics are from a level seldom found in the genre nowadays), but his also a fantastic singer.
The original country rock "Night Time" starts with a low voice that rises with intensity during the refrain. The wild cover of "You're My Baby" is loaded with energy. "One Kiss", another original, is a great melodic rockabilly and Johnny Cash's classic "Big River" is outstanding ! This vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies.
Only a few copies left !
Prix: CHF 12.00
Phil Trigwell JCR EP-02 Thunder Jets

1. My Time Ain't Long
2. Long Blond Hair
3. A Little More Wise
4. Domino
Vinyl EP

On this great EP, you'll find 4 vintage sounding Rockabilly tracks.
"My Time Ain't Long" is an original composition with rough sound and supercharged guitar solos. The cover of "Long Blond Hair", mellower than the original, is a perfect swinger. "A Little More Wise", another composition, is built up on a catchy guitar riff, that you won't forget. The classic "Domino" is savagely covered with an irrestible beat.
A must have !
Prix: CHF 8.00
Other Labels Releases Comments
Mars Attacks ARCD-005 Mars Attacks

01. Doggin' My Steps - 02. What A Beat - 03. Rocket In The Sky - 04. Dirty Tricks - 05. Waitin' In The Rain - 06. A Gal Of My Kind - 07. You Believe Everyone But Me - 08. You'll Never Break Me - 09. That's the Way I Feel - 10. Tattoo Bop - 11. Honey - 12. Heartbreakin' Daddy - 13. Shotgun Wedding - 14. Four Tired Car

Since the release of their first album in 1999, Mars Attacks has quickly become one of the best bands of todays' rockabilly scene. Their two fantastic acts at the Hemsby festival have demonstrated it and their appearance at the 2004 Rockabilly Rave really was something again !

Their new album is simply extraordinary. You'll find on it a majority of own compositions of an exceptional quality. The recordings are done in a vintage way, although they are of better quality than on the first album. This brings out the fantastic voice of the singer, relly perfect for this music. Any fan of todays' vintage rockabily should dig this one !

Mars Attacks ARCD-03 Mars Attacks

01. Mars Attacks - 02. Ninety Nine Ways - 03. All Nite Boogie - 04. Baby Baby - 05. Time In My Heart - 06. Way I Bop - 07. Sattelite Girl - 08. Lies - 09. Please Can You Say - 10. I'm Gonna Buy Me Ticket - 11. Rockin' Bones - 12. It's Meant That Way - 13. You're Gonna Change - 14. Pepper Hot Baby

The first album of Mars Attacks. Great rockabilly in a classic vintage style and sound ! These first recordings of the "martians" have been highly acclaimed by international specialized magazines. We have here 7 original songs and 7 high class covers.
This young band also provides a fantastic live act. So there's no hesitation to count them among the leaders of the rockabilly pack.
Don't miss their debut recordings ! (Also available on a 10" vinyl (soon a collector) and a EP).